5 Reasons PilotsFriend is the Healthier Choice in 2021

Friendly cheers from PilotsFriends

New Year, New You. 

At the beginning of every calendar year, we take stock of our lives and look to find ways to improve them. Is there a bad habit we want to shake? Is there a new practice or activity that we want to take up? 

For many of us, the changes we want to make are directly focused on our health. At PilotsFriend, we are founded on the concept that simple changes to our lives can have huge payoffs down the road. So if you’re looking to make healthier decisions in 2021, we’ve got 5 ways PilotsFriend can help you reach your goals.

  1. A Boost Without the Crash

    North Americans consume a lot of caffeine, be it through coffee, sugar-and-taurine-laden energy drinks, or soft drinks. PilotsFriend offers a lower, more natural caffeine boost (about ⅓ the amount found in a typical cup of coffee) derived from Cola nut and Guarana seed extracts. If you’ve been looking to cut your caffeine intake or your coffee/energy drink/pop consumption (and all of that incidental sugar), stock your fridge with PilotsFriend and make a balanced switch.

  2. All Natural & GMO Free

    PilotsFriend is made with just 14 natural ingredients. That’s it. Virtually everything we need to craft this perfect energy-boosting beverage comes right from Mother Nature. Is 2021 the year you start pursuing more natural elements for your diet? Look no further than PilotsFriend, which is also 100% certified GMO free.

  3. Digestive Super Powers

    If you’re worried that kicking your morning cup of coffee means losing out on the resulting “digestive solution”, never fear! PilotsFriend is made with digestive aids like great yellow gentian, ginger, and cardamom that will help your body break down your meals the way it's supposed to.

  4. Anti-Inflammatory Assistance

    Planning on getting more active in 2021? PilotsFriend can help you with all of those aches and pains that come with using muscles you forgot you had. The anti-inflammatory properties present in quinine and black carrots help to soothe and cleanse the body, making our tonic the perfect pre- and post-workout beverage.

  5. Immune Boosters

    Let’s be honest, these days our immune systems can use all of the help they can get. We hope you’re taking your vitamins and eating your fruits and vegetables, but PilotsFriend also comes packed with immune boosters and antioxidants like apple, lemon, orange, and chokeberry. Can your cup of coffee or can of pop fight off illness? Grab a PilotsFriend instead! 

We hope you have a great year to come. The team at PilotsFriend is focused on helping you to crush your goals, stay active, maintain your health, and improve your life, which means that your success is OUR success! We will gladly ride shotgun on your journey this year, so if you’re looking for a new power-up or substitute for a not-so-healthy beverage, we’ve got you covered. Check out where you can find us in your neighborhood, or order your stash online today.