Daylight savings time: PilotsFriend will help you adjust

It’s that time! Time to change the clocks that is. It’s the end of daylight savings time and we have all gained an extra hour of time. Most of us use this time to catch up on sleep, however, the principal purpose of daylight savings is to adjust for daylight in the winter hours, making better use of the shorter natural daylight. Of course, no one’s going to mind an extra hour of sleep, who wouldn’t want to catch up on some z’s? But in reality, the start and end of daylight savings time can be a harder transition for some. Changing the time even an hour behind disrupts circadian rhythm and our internal body clock. An hour may seem insignificant, but it really can alter our natural state of health. Studies have shown that the local time change impacts the body’s internal rhythm and can lead to inflammatory and heart problems. It only takes a couple of days to adjust to a shift in light and sleep and often can take up to two weeks to fully adapt to the new time. When it comes to giving your body the energy it needs, PilotsFriend is always here to help. Read below to understand the brief history of daylight savings, tips on restoring your energy and balance, and why PilotsFriend will help you get back on track!


        Daylight Savings Time was first implemented in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The original idea was to gain an hour of daylight during spring and summer. It gave more time after the usual work hours for activities and hobbies. For the winter season, adjusting the time one hour back makes light to an earlier sunrise, making more efficient commutes to work and school. Another prominent point to the history of daylight savings was for energy consumption. Gaining an hour of daylight would hypothetically save electricity and heat consumption. This has since been a controversial topic since the beginning of its implementation.


        An hour of time difference seems insignificant, but it does disrupt our body’s circadian rhythm, even if it’s an hour gained. It will take a couple of days to adjust so don’t worry about changing your daily schedule. If you are feeling sluggish and slow to the adjustment, scientists recommend going to bed or waking up ten to fifteen minutes earlier than normal. This suggestion will help with the adapting to the time gained when daylight savings ends. Even though an hour of time is gained, there is an impact on our bodies. The disconnect between our internal clock and the actual local time has effects very similar to chronic jetlag. Feelings of fatigue, drowsiness, and inflammation are very common. The mismatch between body clocks and social clocks can lead our bodies to produce more inflammatory cells than normal throughout the adjustment period. To battle theses effects, drink lots of water, keep a balanced diet, and go to your natural and organic sources for energy. In this situation, PilotsFriend is the perfect drink to help you wake up and adapt to daylight savings.


If you are feeling sluggish from daylight savings time changes, PilotsFriend is the perfect morning pick-me-up! Waking up a couple of minutes earlier to adjust for the time can lead to a drowsy morning. Pick up a PilotsFriend to get your day started right! If you are feeling any inflammatory effects from the time change, we got you covered. PilotsFriend has anti-inflammatory ingredients ready to battle the impacts of daylight savings! Quinine, black carrot juice, and ginger will all help with inflammatory problems during the first couple of days of adjustment. And of course, all of our ingredients are organic, so they will restore and rebalance your natural energy!

Daylight savings has come to an end and we are all going to be feeling a little off for a couple of days. Mornings are going to be brighter and the nights will be longer. As our bodies adjust to the new time changes, follow these helpful tips to keep you feeling normal and full of energy. And as you adapt to the new time, PilotsFriend is here to help! Count on PilotsFriend to get you back on track and ready to tackle the day with a boost of naturally derived energy!