Healthy holidays are possible: Tips to make sure you feel your best


Fun, quality time with your family and staying healthy during the holidays doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive! If you’re thinking about how you want to approach the holidays as this busy season approaches, we’ve put together some recommendations to give you all-natural energy even when there are seemingly endless activities that could throw you off-track. 

  • Plan ahead for you-time

  • We’ve all been there. 

    We say yes to all the celebrations and gatherings because, well, they are fun. But suddenly, your schedule is so packed that you’re beginning to lose time for yourself and your priorities. Before life gets too busy, start thinking about setting some time aside for the habits that keep you feeling on top of your game. 

    • Block time in your calendar for exercise
    • Schedule grocery pick-ups to make sure you have the right foods on hand
    • Make room for activities that help you recharge, like reading or hobbies
    • Sleep, sleep, sleep!
  • Consider your energy levels

  • Managing your energy can feel natural when life is at a normal-to-you pace. But when your social life becomes much busier, to make sure you have the energy to spend quality time with your family and friends, make sure you get enough rest (and if you do end up staying up a bit too late, catching up on rest on the weekends!). 

    Of course, managing your energy can also mean grabbing the essentials that support you throughout the day. All-natural energy isn’t just about caffeine. PilotsFriend’s blend of digestives, stimulants, immunity boosters and anti-inflammatory ingredients means more than just an extra boost of caffeine. 

  • Choose your favourite foods

  • Sure, a nice holiday spread of your favourite foods can be tempting, but not every food is worth eating! As you head into the holiday season, pay attention to the foods that you truly enjoy eating and swap everything else for foods that keep you feeling energized - like vegetables and protein. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you forgo all the fun stuff - it just means mixing in some other foods that your body will thank you for later. 

  • Maintain a healthy exercise routine

  • While the rule of thumb is 60 minutes of daily exercise, remember that any movement is better than none. If all that you can fit into your schedule is 15 minutes of light exercise, go for it! While you may not be setting personal records during the busy season of celebrations and festive treats, finding time for yourself is crucial to feeling your best and finishing the year off strong. 

    Healthy holidays are not only possible, but they are more fun! Grab the perfect companion for an energized season at