Summer Activities to do While Social Distancing

As the weather gets hotter and the days grow longer, it's easy to become restless. We admit it can be quite difficult being cooped up inside, so it's important to stay busy and get active! There are hundreds of ways to stay preoccupied during these times - so we’ve listed just a few activities to keep you sane and entertained!

Get Active

If you’re looking for activities to keep you on your toes, we’ve got you covered. There’s tons of apps on your phone that can assist in motivating you to get active. Ever head of Strava? It’s a running app available on Iphone or Android that offers GPS tracking and also permits you to see a feed of your friend’s activities, allowing you to challenge them along the way. Try setting up a running competition between you and your friends to see who can run the farthest and fastest! In addition, a quick morning run around the neighborhood is always a good idea. It's the coolest in the morning and you won’t run into many people. If you’re not much of a runner, we suggest looking up at-home workouts or yoga classes on Youtube to get your blood flowing. 

Stay Busy at Home

Tired of baking banana bread? Try discovering new recipes online and get out of your comfort zone! Half Baked Harvest has thousands of cooking and baking recipes to satisfy your inner chef. Looking to master a skill that will help further you in your career? Head to LinkedIn and use their learning platform to brush up on your Excel skills. Sometimes being at home can leave us feeling isolated and lonely. Text your friends and organize a virtual group hang out! It’s always good to catch up on each other’s lives and no touching is required. Happy hour is always better with friends and you can stay in your pajamas from the comfort of your own home – YAY! Also, now is the perfect time to catch up on all the movies you’ve been meaning to watch and TV shows you’ve been wanting to start. Looking for new drinks to quench your thirst while binging? Try mixing PilotsFriend in with fruit juices that are in-season, such as strawberry or mango.

Get Creative

Order some art supplies and start getting creative (little DIY home projects count as well)! This is a great way to work on something with your kids and bring the family closer together. Kids love competition, so we suggest making a competition between family members on who can paint the best and the winner will get their piece of art hung on a wall of their choice in the house! Another great way to stay creative at home is by knitting! Knitting is a great way to relieve stress, improve focus, and enhance self-esteem. 

We hope you’ve been staying active, healthy, and happy during this time, and that these tips can help you switch up your routine! When you try out these tips and activities, be sure to let us know what you think on our social media channels. And remember - a can of PilotsFriend on top of everything will ensure you have ever-lasting energy to get all these activities checked off your list!