Summer Mocktail Recipes

Summer calls for moments to be spent enjoying a delicious and revitalizing drink outside with beloved friends or family. It’s important to stay cool during the summer season as the temperatures keep climbing. One way to do this is by making refreshing, at-home mocktail drinks! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite go-to recipes that will leave you wanting more. These five non-alcoholic beverages will keep you energized and help you stay cool all summer-long. 

  • Pilot’s Orange 

  • If you like citrus, this one’s for you! This drink will leave you feeling like you’re on vacation, about to head down to the beach to enjoy a nice afternoon in the tropical sun. All you’re missing is that plane ticket!

    • 150 ml PilotsFriend
    • 10 ml Grenadine Syrup
    • 150 ml Orange Juice
    • Ice Cubes

    The final step: Stir! Now you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your citrus infusion. 

  • Sunset Takeoff

  • This energizing drink is perfect for watching the sunset from your porch or before heading to the airport. Mixing cranberry, orange, and lemon juice mixture not only resembles the color of a sunset, but makes for a revitalizing combination allowing you to feel more than prepared for your next adventure.

    • 100 ml PilotsFriend
    • 40 ml Cranberry Juice
    • 40 ml Orange Juice
    • 10 ml Grenadine Syrup
    • 10 ml Lemon Juice
    • Ice Cubes

    Stir or shake, depending on your preference!

  • Airabic Tea Recipe

  • Sensual. Mystical. Like from the 1001 nights. These summer nights can be scorching hot! Some PilotsFriend and black tea will cool you down. This one is an experience for all fans of special tea drinks.

    • 150 ml PilotsFriend
    • 150 ml Black Tea
    • 10 g Cane Sugar 
    • Ice Cubes

    Pour in hot black tea and add an equal amount of PilotsFriend. Fine-tune with a spoonful of cane sugar, or whatever suits you best. Let cool at room temperature then proceed to place it in the refrigerator until cold. Once it’s cold, add ice cubes and you’re set!

  • Blackberry Lime-Air

  • In the mood for something fruity with a mix of tart and sweet? This drink is made for you. Blackberry and limeade go well together, especially after a day in the sun. Not to mention, the color of this drink will leave you head over heels! 

    • 100 ml PilotsFriend
    • 100 ml Fresh Lime Juice
    • 20 ml Water
    • 20 g of Blackberries 
    • 10 g Cane Sugar
    • Lime Wedges & Fresh Blackberries, for serving
    • Ice cubes

    Blend the blackberries and water together in a blender until smooth. Then strain through a mesh strainer into a glass where you then mix the lime juice with the sugar. Add ice cubes and shake. Garnish your drink with lime wedges and fresh blackberries for that extra pizazz!


    1. Guava Go-Go Groove 

    Personally, one of our favorite summertime drinks will transport you to your happy place. Guava is perfect for a hot summer day spent training in the sun or after hours spent studying to pass your recreational or private pilots exam.

    • 150 ml PilotsFriend 
    • 100 ml Guava Juice 
    • 30 ml Pineapple Juice
    • 10 ml Lime Juice
    • Ice Cubes

    Stir. Now you have made your revitalizing pilot go-go juice to give you enough energy to continue working into the night or to talk with your friends and family.


    If you’re looking for something different and non-alcoholic, these summer cocktails will not disappoint. They’re fun drinks to whip up for yourself or when you’re expecting any guests over. Mocktails are always a summer hit and these ones will have people begging you for your recipes! You can thank us later.