Traveling During the Holidays in the Middle of COVID-19

Traveling during the holidays looks quite a bit different this year. COVID-19 has disrupted many of our plans this year, and the holidays are no exception! You’re probably wondering if it is safe to travel at all right now. The answer to that question depends on a couple of variables which include: transportation, locations you go, rate of infection at your final destination, and the activities you engage in once you arrive. Always check the travel restrictions and quarantine rules in the location you will be traveling to. Trips to consider that are more “COVID-19 safe” are mountain get-aways, private beaches, or camping trips. Ideally, it is best if your activities at your final destination are centered around the outdoors. We would also like to note that many public health and medical professionals still advise limiting non-essential travel. That being said, experts have agreed that some approaches to travel are safer than others.
Flying Commercially
When flying commercially, it is important to understand the COVID-19 health guidelines in order to keep yourself and others safe. Try booking your flight for a time that you know the airport will be less crowded, to try to limit your interactions with other people. While in the airport try to social distance as much as you possibly can!  After going through security, find a vacant part of the airport to sit before your flight boards. Regardless of the airline's policy, bring disinfectant wipes and wipe down every surface in your seating area before taking your seat. Wear your mask the entire flight with the exceptions for eating and drinking. Don’t wait in line for restrooms. If you use the restroom, sanitize commonly touched surfaces with a disinfectant wipe. Keep hand sanitizer on you at all times, and use it often.
Flying Privately
Consider chartering a flight! We understand that this option sounds a bit extravagant. It is far from accessible to everyone, but in the right circumstance chartering a flight might be the right choice for you. The private flight sectors of airports usually operate at a much smaller capacity which allows you to by-pass crowded airports and TSA security lines that you encounter flying commercially. Often, when chartering a flight, you have the option to valet park your car, which mitigates some of the risk factors of car shuttles and other forms of transportation that expose you to more people. 
Road Tripping
A socially distant road trip might be your safest option for traveling this year. Driving your own car limits the number of people you will come in contact with, especially in comparison to planes, trains, and busses. Even though you will likely only encounter people at rest stops or gas stations, it is important to still follow COVID-19 health guidelines. Wearing a mask, washing your hands, and maintaining social distancing is always encouraged and usually mandated in public spaces. A lot more goes into planning a road trip than a just queued up playlist and great snacks. Although, those things are important too!
As you plan to gear up to travel this holiday season, don’t forget to pack the essentials! You will need a mask, hand sanitizer, and PilotsFriend! Pilotsfriend is the perfect travel pick-me-up, it will help you navigate the chaos of the airport with clarity. Additionally, PilotsFriend is great for any kind of road trip, it will keep you alert and focused throughout your entire journey! Before traveling anywhere, make sure you read the Public Health Agency of Canada’s COVID-19 regulations and health guidelines. You can find multiple  COVID-19 Awareness Resources on their website! If you're planning a trip to another country such as the United States, we recommend that you check the CDC website so you unederstand their COVID-19 guidelines and regulations.