The Game-Changing Organic Energy Drink That Sold Out Across Canada

Everyone’s obsessed with getting the most out of life or at the very least just making it past lunch without crashing. So much so that PilotsFriend has been wiped clean of its inventory for the past week! That’s right. Our all-natural fruit tonic has sold out across Canada.

And while we couldn’t be more thrilled about all the love, we’re still working hard to stock up on the goods, so you don’t have to miss us too much longer.

If you’re new to PilotsFriend, here’s the 411: we’ve perfected a delicious organic fruit tonic that gives you all the clarity you need without any of those pesky jitters or adverse side effects. It’s truly our version of having your cake and eating it too.

See why Canada is going crazy over PilotsFriend...

The cold hard facts: clean, organic ingredients & no GMOs

Sometimes you just need that extra jolt to push through the day. We get it. When your head’s in the game, magic happens. You achieve great things and make the world a better place. 

PilotsFriend helps you get into the right headspace with only the highest quality of organic ingredients. We take a hard pass on monocultures, pesticides, and genetic engineering and are big believers in doing things the natural way. That includes skipping the preservatives and artificial sweeteners.

Blending the digestive powers of cardamom and ginger with anti-inflammatory ingredients like black carrot, PilotsFriend is the guilt-free drink that boosts your immune system and performance. 

But just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch. Our caffeine is naturally derived from Cola nuts and Guarana seed extracts, which boast about a third of the caffeine you’d typically find in a cup of coffee.

What we’re really saying is – you can afford to cut back on coffee without losing your jive. Swap it for something more your speed, but that has twice the health benefits.

No harsh side effects, jitters or crashes

Not all caffeine is bad or made equal. We’ve all heard about the sleepless nights, racing heartbeat, and flushed face from nursing energy drinks or a coffee buzz. But did you know those are only the pitfalls of synthetic caffeine?

Naturally sourced caffeine provides longer sustained energy and its own exclusive antioxidant benefits, which can actually do more good than harm. Natural caffeine–the same ones you find in herbal teas–is associated with preventing heart disease and Alzheimers, among various other conditions, and is safe for everyday enjoyment.

Unlike coffee, where most people dress it up with added cream and sugar, PilotsFriend is the healthier choice that isn’t just a short-term fix followed by a hard crash. It’s the real deal that gets you to power through anything. Stack up on health benefits, improve your mood, and boost your mental and physical performance.

Developed for fighter pilots, made with the everyday hero in mind

We’re talking about you. You’re the everyday hero. Whether you work the night shift, are a serial crammer, or just plain like to get stuff done, PilotsFriend is proven to give you a leg up.

It was initially developed to help fighter pilots remain healthy, stay focused, and perform in the most arduous circumstances, so you know it’s serious stuff. But it’s not just for those in the skies. It’s for all professionals who have places to go and people to see.

Our bioscientists and nutritionists have spent over a decade poring through research and testing to come up with the best all-natural energy solution with a smooth landing, and there’s no clearer winner.

Be sure to stock up on PilotsFriend once our inventory becomes available again! Can’t wait till then? Follow us on Instagram to get the latest news, and in the meantime, scope out where to find us.