A Day in the Life with PilotsFriend


Day-to-day activities can be extremely draining. Especially if you have a full day of activities ahead of you. PilotsFriend is crafted to perfection, because we care about your health and understand that sometimes we all need a little help with getting things done. We’re taking you through a day with Laura, the outdoor explorer and hard worker, to understand what it truly feels like to drink a natural stimulant!

Morning Routine

Laura starts her morning off with some meditation and yoga in her living room before making herself breakfast. For breakfast, she makes an egg white omelette and cracks open a can of PilotsFriend. She prefers PilotsFriend over a cup of coffee, because it provides natural energy – without the crash! Laura loves drinking PilotsFriend in the morning since it also helps with her digestion after a large breakfast. After breakfast, Laura is feeling energized and ready to take on the day! She leaves for one of the trials near her house to go on a quick run. When she returns, she wraps things up with a quick ab workout. She’s work-day ready!

Afternoon Routine

Still feeling energized from her can of PilotsFriend earlier, Laura gets to work on her laptop as she works from home. She loves the mental clarity the energy drink has given her and flies through her email inbox. Nothing can stop her when she feels motivated! Laura starts making a healthy lunch consisting of feta cheese, spinach, salmon, and orzo after finishing up her emails. She believes living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is the key to happiness. Craving another can of PilotsFriend, she runs to the fridge to grab a second. The crack of the can opening is one of the most satisfying sounds - she promises. The ginger in PilotsFriend helps with digestion after a big lunch, and she gets back to work. All thanks to PilotsFriend, she’s able to get through another productive day, without a dreaded caffeine crash at the end.

Energy, Delivered

PilotsFriend supplies anyone with the energy needed. Be the kind of person who knows that every result starts with making a choice, and that living your best life comes from making the healthiest ones. Our 100% natural ingredients leave you feeling great and energized – ready to take on anything. Long-lasting energy allows you to power through daily activities such as working from home and hiking. Laura drinks a can of PilotsFriend at least twice a week, because she loves how it tastes and leaves her feeling on top of the world!