A Student’s Best Friend


Autumn is a crazy time of the year. Colors are changing, the weather is getting colder, and school is in full motion. Approaching the middle of the season means one thing for students: midterms are coming up and they’re coming up fast. Some students are scrambling all of their notes and textbooks to get ready for their first round of tests, while other students know the drill all too well.


Whether you’re a new student just figuring out how this all works or a pro with the process on lock, a bit of brainpower and energy from PilotsFriend can benefit you! Traditional energy drinks and caffeine give you a harder crash after the boost is over. The sugar crash hits hard and not only hits your energy levels but also your overall body health. Excess sugar consumption can lead to headache tension, dehydration, and fatigue, and you can’t afford any sort of crash during vital study sessions. In addition to body exhaustion, the caffeine crash can hurt your brain’s level of productivity. Extreme tiredness, irritability, and concentration troubles are just a few of the symptoms and side effects with traditional caffeine and energy drinks. With PilotsFriend, these symptoms and problems are a thing of the past and you can focus on what you need to retain!


PilotsFriend is the energy tonic precision-crafted by bio-scientists and nutritionists. Every ingredient in PilotsFriend benefits your body and stimulates your mind for better concentration. PilotsFriend gets that sweet touch from the intentional, natural flavor. Real apple juice, orange extract, and a pinch of cane sugar gives PilotsFriend its balanced sweetness. With true flavor and real ingredients, there are no sugar crashes here! PilotsFriend uses organic cane sugar because of its naturally strong sweetness. That allows PitlotsFriend to contain less sugar than traditional energy drinks. Less sugar will have your body performing greater and you will avoid headaches and dehydration. With true flavor and real ingredients, there are no sugar crashes here! The energy boost you get from PilotsFriend comes from naturally derived caffeine sources. Kola Nut and Guarana extracts give you that natural spark and vibrant energy. Other ingredients like the quinine and gentian extract both inspire creativity and brain function.


Don’t be fooled, PilotsFriend is not just for pilots. PilotsFriend is for anyone who wants to make the best out of their lives! Everyone can use a boost of energy to keep up with life, that’s why PilotsFriend is here to help. Whether you’re a first-year engineering student that’s getting ready for that crazy physics test, a medical student preparing for that biology project, or a business major touching up that awesome presentation, count on PilotFriend to get you hyped up and ready to tackle any midterms coming your way!