Beating Back to School Season with PilotsFriend!

Back to school season is here! We know this can be a stressful time for many people no matter what, and this year is more stressful than most. That’s why this month we’re writing to give you some tips and tricks to help you get through the beginning of this year with ease! With the right preparation and mindset, you can get ahead this year and succeed. The last point is our favorite, so stay tuned to find out what it is!

#1 Invest in a Planner or Calendar

Planners and calendars are great for helping you feel organized as you go through the school year. You can easily jot down something quickly, a test, quiz, assignment, anything! That way you’ll never miss an assignment and you’ll be able to see everything you need to have finished each day or week. Additionally, planners and calendars are usually very cost efficient and worth the investment to help you stay organized. Find some great options here.

#2 Make a Weekly Schedule 

It can be difficult to look ahead and know how much time you’ll need each day to get your work and assignments done. One way to make this much easier on yourself is to make a plan for the week ahead of time, and schedule out time for yourself each day to do your work. This way you won’t be pressed for time, and you may even find that if you finish early you have extra time for other things!

#3 Make Note-Taking Fun

We’ve all had classes where we struggle to pay attention and take notes. It can be difficult to keep the same level of focus throughout the school day, especially when you have to juggle multiple classes in one day! This is why we recommend finding a way to make note-taking more enjoyable for yourself, whether it be by typing them using different fonts and text sizes, writing them by hand, or using different colored pens and markers to keep things organized. Whatever works for you is the best option, changing up your note-taking style can be a huge help in helping you do well in your classes!

#4 Keep Your Focus with PilotsFriend

We all get low on energy after a long day, and sometimes we need an energy boost to help us push us through to the finish line. That’s why we recommend ordering a pack of PilotsFriend to keep you energized while you work! PilotsFriend is the perfect companion for any class or study session where you need to hold your focus. We use all natural ingredients to prevent you from crashing and feeling sluggish. The caffeine we use is naturally occurring in guarana and cola nut, which are both ingredients we use in PilotsFriend. The caffeine is released over a longer period of time, keeping you feeling energized for longer but avoiding the crash, making it the ideal drink for any college student!