New Year, New Resolutions: Making That Fresh-Start Feeling Last

It's official, 2022 has finally arrived and with that a fresh set of New Year’s resolutions to work towards. The introduction of a new year is the opportunity to say goodbye to what held you back in the previous year, and start anew with goals for what you want to accomplish in the next 365 days. 

When your calendar flips over to January 1, your energy and motivation to stick to your resolutions are at an all-time high. And yet, when February 1 rolls around, that momentum is often not as strong as it once was. That’s why having some extra resolution-keeping tips and tricks in your back pocket is key to keeping with your original intentions for the long term. Here are the steps we recommend you take to keep your momentum strong beyond January. 


Have more than one ‘why’

Sometimes what motivates you on a Tuesday simply just isn’t enough on Friday - and that’s normal! When you’re trying to get into a more consistent workout routine or on a mission to incorporate more greens into your diet, try finding at least 3 reasons why you are choosing to improve your life. 

Are you choosing healthier ingredients in your beverages because you know you’ll feel more energized later? 

Are you working out because you want to get stronger

Does a well-rounded diet help keep your mind and body more regulated

When you have multiple reasons for working towards a goal, it becomes much easier to make good decisions for *future* you on a regular basis, regardless of how you’re feeling on any given day. 


Add in products that you love

Rather than focusing only on what foods you need to take away from your daily routine, we believe it’s always more sustainable (and enjoyable!) to find foods and beverages that you can add to your healthy routine. By focusing on fuelling your body and making choices based on how you feel, you’ll feel less like you’re missing out on the things that you ‘want.’

Choosing products with whole, natural ingredients (and choosing to avoid artificial fillers or synthetic chemicals) is an important component of a healthy, natural lifestyle where you feel energized and supported by the foods that you eat. 

If your healthy resolutions are centered only around a physical appearance goal, you could be missing out on some great opportunities to stay motivated and energized for the long term! Because staying healthy is (ideally) a life-long journey, it’s important that your approach is sustainable - and that starts with your mindset. 


Tap into past wins

Remind yourself that you’re capable of doing hard things, including your resolutions. Why? Because you’ve already achieved so much up until now. When you’re feeling like the goal you’ve set is too ambitious, tap into those past successes to keep you going! 

What else has worked for you when you’ve accomplished a big goal that you’ve set out for yourself? We’d love to know. 

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