Small, Packable, and Packs a Punch

Convenience is critical in the world we live in today. That’s why we crafted and created PilotsFriend. We wanted to give you a beverage that’s more than just an energy drink, but rather a drink that is infused with REAL ingredients, is organic, and is small enough to bring with you anywhere. It’s the perfect beverage to take on your upcoming road trip, hiking, or camping experience!


Road trip snacks are a must, especially for longer drives where both energy and focus are essential. We all know that after several hours in the car, our bodies start to fatigue, our mind craves new scenery, and focusing on the road becomes exhausting. With 56 mg of caffeine per bottle of PilotsFriend, it’s easy to perk back up and focus on the road and destination ahead. Our fruit tonic beverage not only tastes delicious and is infused with natural fruit essences, but it has an abundance of natural caffeine that will help you get back your laser focus until you reach your destination.


Going on a hike is a fun, adventurous, and a great way to stay active! When packing a backpack for your next hike, make sure a chilled PilotsFriend makes it into your bag. PilotsFriend is the perfect 150 ml packable drink that contains “a finely balanced assortment of caffeine derived from cola nuts and Guarana seeds” ( The natural caffeine in PilotsFriend will keep your energy balanced throughout your entire hike and give you the boost you need to make it up the mountain. Once your down, know that muscle recovery is on its way! PilotsFriend contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that will help your body recover after physical activity.


Soaking up time in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to spend a weekend during the summer. However, packing up for a camping trip can be confusing and even daunting with gear, equipment, clothing, and food. With limited space and a full packing list, let PilotsFriend make your life just a little bit easier. Our small cans make for the ideal packable drink, and perfect morning coffee replacer. Next time you go camping, make sure to throw a few PilotsFriend fruit tonics into your cooler, for your new favorite morning, afternoon, or late night camping beverage!

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