The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Caffeine

We live in a busy world, and it takes a lot of energy to get through the day. It’s no surprise then that the energy drink market is booming. Finding new and healthy ways to sustain our energy throughout the day is a necessity for those of us with high-pressure jobs, a busy family life, or a tough exam coming up. At PilotsFriend, we wanted to craft a drink that not only helps sustain the energy we need to thrive but to also do this in a way that respects our bodies and our planet. We have prioritized using natural ingredients so that as we hit our daily goals, we’re also fueling ourselves with energy that keeps us in good form and doesn’t make us crash. So when you’re on the lookout for an energy drink to help you through your day, how do you know which one is best for you? One of the biggest indicators is the use of natural or synthetic caffeine.


Synthetic caffeine was developed during World War II by the Nazis. Between embargoes and nationalist sentiments, the Nazis were interested in only using German-produced goods, including stimulants like caffeine. Since then, synthetic caffeine has taken off as a cheap and easy way to mass produce what we all crave: that morning kick of energy. Because it is so readily available, many products are made with this synthetic version. However, due to its manufactured nature, synthetic caffeine is absorbed by the digestive system much more quickly, followed by an even more dramatic crash.


Natural caffeine is found in over 60 different plants, including cola nut and guarana. It exists alongside other nutrients in the plant which help to slow the release of caffeine into our system, providing a more steady stream of energy with a much smaller crash. The caffeine found in PilotsFriend comes from these natural sources. The guarana seed provides about 20mg of caffeine, and once that begins to wear down, caffeine from the cola nut begins to release, providing another 36mg. Our studies have shown that at any given time only 25-35 mg are needed for optimal performance, meaning that PilotsFriend is perfectly crafted to give you the boost you need without the jitters, anxiety, or stomach irritation.

Created by bio-scientists and nutritionists, Pilot’s Friend promotes optimal concentration, performance, and health without the negative side effects typically associated with energy drinks. And after over 10 years of success in Europe, Pilot’s Friend is now coming to Canada. Order yours here.