We Found the Perfect Tonic for Exercise

What’s the one thing you need for a workout? Setting the right clothing/footwear aside, we’re often creatures of habit when it comes to a workout routine. For some of us, we can’t break a sweat unless we’ve got our headphones and playlist ready to go. Others need their trusty bottle topped up with water and ice, and some of us can’t get into a workout without a caffeinated energy boost. 

It’s nice to get a boost before a serious workout session, be it from a quick cup of coffee, a sugary energy drink or a dose of a pre-workout supplement. Getting that caffeine rush to push through the last set or the last mile is a must for many active people, but what if we told you that there’s an all-natural tonic that can give you the right dose of caffeine, and supply you with anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants and digestive aids? 

PilotsFriend is all of those things. Crafted for the high-performance conditions facing NATO fighter pilots, it can also fuel any intense workout, and help you rebound back to game shape, faster. 

Caffeine, Exercise & Side Effects

A dose of caffeine, regardless of how you get it, can help to maximize a workout. It helps you work out longer, therefore helping you to burn more calories. It can also help burn calories at rest, due to the increase in noradrenaline that ups your metabolic rate. Caffeine also helps mobilize lipids in fat cells so they can be used for energy, helping your body work more efficiently. It can also help you recover faster by improving the rate of glycogen replenishment, and it can boost both anaerobic and aerobic performance.

There’s very little evidence to show that caffeine before your workout is bad for you. In fact, there’s only really one downside: sleep. Chugging back a coffee before a morning session is one thing, but the afternoon or evening might be a different story if you’re looking to get a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that a good night's sleep is elemental to overall health, weight loss, and improving overall athleticism. So what's the point of using caffeine to boost your gains while losing them when you can’t sleep at night? 

Then there are also the side effects. If you’re doing fasted workouts (ie: going to the gym on an empty stomach), coffee or sugary energy drinks can leave some not-so-great feelings in your stomach while spiking your insulin levels, which can actually shut down the body’s fat-burning process, while also dehydrating you. Pre-workout supplements have become increasingly popular, but can come with some unpleasant side effects, like loss of sleep, tingly skin, headaches, nausea and indigestion.

A Balanced Choice

PilotsFriend is the ultimate tonic for exercise. For starters, it’s crafted with the perfect amount of caffeine. We use a blend derived from kola nuts and guarana seed extracts for a total of 56mg, about 1/3 of caffeine found in a typical cup of coffee. Enough to push you through a tough workout, but not so much you’ve got the jitters and can’t sleep at night. 

It’s also loaded with anti-inflammatories properties present in quinine and black carrot to cleanse the body. It not only gives you the boost, but it can help you recover so you are back in action faster while soothing sore muscles in the process. It’s also packed with immune boosters, vitamins and antioxidants in the form of apple, lemon, orange, cane sugar, acerola and chokeberry, which means that you’re only fueling your workout with health-boosting, all-natural ingredients. 

PilotsFriend packs just the right amount of everything into a small can. If you’re finding your pre-workout drink or supplement isn’t working for you, give PilotsFriend a try by finding a store near you, or ordering from our website. You’ll feel the healthier difference.